Our Story

Northshire Brewery is all about people and beer - it's the perfect combination. Whether putting the finishing touches on a batch or talking to folks in the tap room while serving pints, we're as committed to exceptional and unique craft beers as we are to building relationships. Because when it comes down to it, relationships are the greatest thing we can ever have. And for us those relationships start with our beers and our crew.

Christoper Mayne

Karen Mayne

Earl "Patrick" McGoff
co-owner @ founder

Created in 2009 and operational in 2010 Northshire Brewery has been working hard to re-create the classics and bring new creative products to our friends. Our passion for beer drives us to create fun and interesting new products as well as keeping the classics, "classic". So when you are drinking a Sicilian IPA or a Battenkill Ale with  your friends please drink responsibly. We like to see you happy but would also like to see you again!!! Cheers!!!!